Dating App Chat REDEEMED!

Posted by Kristen Carney on


Here's a peek at an exchange with a guy who hit me up on Instagram for a lil help with his texting/messaging game. He had been chatting/bantering with a girl via a dating app and all was going well UNTIL he.... insulted her parents.

He thought he was "teasing" when in reality he was just being blunt and harsh. He really blew it big time with that misstep. BUT, after consulting with me, he TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF. 

Check out our communication below to see how he turned things around. And, note the part circled in RED so you can see how he could have "tactfully" teased about parents by pulling in his own.

Once you get to the end of the exchange, look at how I encourage him to take the next risk. HE DIDN'T DO IT. And, that's ok. Baby steps to boldness, baby steps to boldness. 







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