He Matched with a 10/10 and You Can Too

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This is a screen shot of my actual email. Zoom in and take a look at the text in yellow. I get these emails so often it pains me that more of the world doesn't know what I can do for them.

If you're looking to increase your charm and wit and in turn, the types of women you're attracting, my help will get you sending me an email like this, not far off into the future.


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By Kristen Carney on     --    

I like to do a little research on what’s happening in dating apps. So, from time to time I lurk around apps like Tinder and see what guys are putting out there. More times than not, it’s not great. Check out the photos from one of the biggest selfie offenders I’ve come across.

This guy is a good looking guy who probably still gets matches even with these kinds of photos. BUT, he’s probably not getting the QUALITY of matches he’a looking for. 

But, who knows? Maybe he isn’t looking for quality at the moment, which would be great because...

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