Kristen, You are f*cking awesome!! Way to over-deliver, thank you! Your profiles are right on the money, sound like things I’d say in person and are already uploaded. Nothing feels even remotely uncomfortable. Was it really that easy to capture my voice?? I’ll also start thinking of a more husbandy vibe for follow up messages. Do you have an example of “useful banter”? One girl told me she was new in town and I said “Did you mean to say you were running from the law?” Is that kind of what you mean? I have a great feeling about this, thank you again!

Gene F., 47

Profile Makeover

Tnanks a lot! Learned a lot and things finally make sense. All of the other dating coaches sucked. You were authentic on the podcast and stayed firm to who you were so I knew you'd be perfect to have as a coach and wouldn't let shit slide. Thanks again and hope nothing but the best!

Chris W., 22

Banter Bundle

Hey Kristen, just wanted to tell you I applied what you taught me and after 2 days on Hinge I FINALLY GOT A DATE! We're going out Thursday. I'm a little nervous but good nervous. Thank you again!!!

Ryan, V., 26

Banter Bundle

Well, if yesterday was any indication the profile is working very well. I wasn’t active on the site yesterday but with the new profile I had 12 women check it out. Of the twelve 7 sent me likes and four messaged me! I am also receiving some likes and a message today too. Wow! That has never happened to me before.

Ron M., 53

Profile Makeover

Hey!! This is f'n awesome!! I thank you so much for everything. Can't wait to get started. Going to set up a few now, to have them in place. Not looking to go super hard really right now, but I want them up and running. Going to follow everything you are suggesting! Talk more Friday. You're AMAZING:-)

Brett B., 36

Profile Makeover

You are such a great teacher and coach.

David S., 27

Banter Bundle

Hey Kristen, The profile update has an immediate effect. A woman I was texting back and forth had not responded after about a week and upon updating the profile she messaged me. Thank you very much. Sent about 3 messages and got a reply so the outbound to reply ratio improved. Thank you so much Kristen!!!

Matthew R., 35

Profile Makeover

Thanks a lot for your help! You made everything really easy to understand and have an awesome way of communicating it. I feel so much better off now, really. Thanks KC.

DeShawn, T., 43

Banter Bundle

Since listening to your Banter podcast episode with Marni my mindset/approach and goal of dates and just conversation, in general, has changed. I feel like my brain now looks for opportunities to be witty (still need a lot of work though ;). Even when just talking to my parents or something. And then just adding on to our talks and practice texts + your insight and advice (being USEFUL, levels, not trying to be witty for too long(heartbeat), etc.) - it’s been suppper duper helpful. So I guess you’re pretty alright or whateva.

Brian B. 29

Banter Bundle, Coaching