Kristen is the go-to expert in the industry for online-dating banter.

She's a stand-up comedian and overall great conversationalist (and person!) who has helped hundreds of men who were failing miserably online... getting no responses, unmatched, ghosted, left on read and got them to a place where they are CONSISTENTLY making women respond, laugh, flirt back, share intimate details and most importantly, GO ON DATES.

It's because her approach to teaching men how to be engaging and witty is both practical and playful. With step-by-step instructions, exercises, role playing, her "wit formula" and real-life practice scenarios, Kristen doesn't give you canned lines and one liners that will make the girl you're trying to chat up roll her eyes and hit "unmatch." She'll teach you HOW to be authentically great in conversation without the crutches. 

No more cheesy generic "ice breaker" go-to's that sound like they're from that stuffy HR lady who thinks she's "fun."

No more "pick-up artist" shit. 

No more awkward silences. 

No more relying on emojis. 

You're better than that. And, she'll teach you how to be.

She'll teach you HOW to be witty (yes, YOU can be witty), charming, playful, intriguing, mysterious, sensitive, supporting AND strong ALL in conversation. 

There are hundreds of thousands of men online. You HAVE to stand out and make a MEANINGFUL CONNECTION with her if you want to get her out from behind the screen and onto a date. And, you make that connection with words. Funny words, meaningful words, true words, playful words. 

Words Kristen will teach you how to find.

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