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Email Coaching (6 emails to me per month)

Need feedback or advice about women and dating on a consistent basis? If you're not sure how to respond to an ambiguous text message from a girl you're seeing or you're not sure why you were stood up (or any of the other billion questions you may have while navigating this bumpy road to love), I can be there for you to answer your questions when you when you need it most. 

Did a date go terribly wrong and you just can't figure out why? Or, you have NO idea what to text her now that you have her number? Just send me your questions/predicament/scenario - whatever it may be - in an email and I'll get back to you ASAP with clear answers that will help you make your next move.

The Subscription Includes:

  • 6 emails a month on whatever it is you need help with (300 words max per email)
  • A detailed response from me within 24 hours on weekdays (48 hours on weekends) but usually much less than that!
  • Blunt, honest feedback 
  • Detailed instructions on how to proceed 

If it's a witty response you need or where to take her for your first date, I've got you covered for only $150/mo.