The LITTLEST Text Can Make the BIGGEST Difference

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I do voice over work from time to time and today's audition said they were looking for a voice similar to Kristen Bell's. I've seen her name as a point of reference in auditions before and although I have an idea of what she sounds like, today I decided to look for a video of her natural speaking voice. You know, do "research," like an adult. So, I googled "Kristen Bell" and clicked on "videos." The third one down caught my eye because of the title, "Kristen Bell remembers the first time she met husband Dax Shepard." I clicked play and let it play the background as I was writing an email. As I was typing, I was suddenly STOPPED IN MY TRACKS and SO VALIDATED when I heard what it was that won her over - A PERFECTLY WRITTEN PLAYFUL TEXT. 

If you watch the video (which is really short btw, so I highly recommend doing so), you'll see she says that the two initially had "no sparks whatsoever." But after running into each other for a second time and flirting a bit, he sent her a VERY BOLD TEXT MESSAGE. And, she was sold. She said "that's my kind of guy." 

Watch it here:

If you ever end up working on your banter skills with me, you will inevitably hear me say to BE BOLD. You'll also hear me say it's got to be the right kind of bold (which I explain how to achieve in my sessions) but being bold (again, the right kind of bold) is so attractive to women because it screams CONFIDENCE.

A lot of men think being too confident around women can come across pompous and unbecoming. And, that's because they're picturing confidence executed in the wrong way - being braggy, a know-it-all etc - that's unbecoming. But, if THIS is the way you express your confidence, by being bold and taking risks in a playful manner, you don't have to worry about coming across like an "asshole." You'll come across like a self-assured, charming guy that she'll want to know more about.

I'm so glad I saw this video clip. It made my day because it really confirmed ***how important*** banter is and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT CAN MAKE. If you don't trust this Kristen (me), trust that one (her). She's a smart gal (with a pretty great name, too). 

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  • As ii have heard numerous times … bold and confident is never a bad trait IF done with the right attitude AND at the right time !!! Her husband did have an IN at the time … let us not forget that they were thrust together in a modest setting for a celebration of a mutual friend …. and then they happened upon each other at a sporting event … a HOCKEY GAME no less … at this point she would have already had me as i LOVE hockey … anyway, she admitted to some flirting…. waiting until the next day was perfect as I’m sure she would have remembered two things … whether the Red Wings had won, OR lost. and the flirting !!!! I thought it cool that he was totally transparent in how he got her number and came right out wanting to know what she thought of such a tactic ….. bold and confident … but with his ego in check …. props for the post K

    Jeff on
  • I am just going to email you.

    Stephen Douglas Daniels on

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